The Workshop
In the land of artists and poets, Saint Francis and Pinturicchio, in the heart of Umbria south of Perugia, you will find Ponte Pattoli, a town with a population of about 2,000, extending along the Tiber River valley, a land known for preserving the ancient handicrafts handed down from father to son that exalt human productivity and creativity, among which is a well-established textile tradition.
This is the area that has been producing handmade, custom garments made from the wool of Kel goats, the precious yarn so much loved in Italy and abroad, for forty years.
The passion for this soft, precious, warm and highly-prized and actually therapeutic fiber responds to the contemporary need to wear fabric of increasingly higher quality and, in fact, cashmere is by now considered a status symbol, an elegant, secure alternative to a jacket and tie, for men, and a dress or the finishing touch to a business suit, for women, right for any occasion or time of day.
A cashmere garment is not just something soft, warm and light but also communicates prestige and elegance for those who wear it as well as those who produce it, and this is why our workshop guarantees the high quality of every single garment produced.
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